eshland wood boiler needs some reworking

vipertec Posted By vipertec, Sep 20, 2011 at 1:14 AM

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  1. vipertec

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    Nov 8, 2010
    I have an eshland wc40 boiler presently sold thru alternative heating systems.It is a 120k unit on wood.It is none insulated but is in my basement for which it does heat as well.I am hooked up to a buderus gb142 wall hung condensing boiler.It is a 92k unit.Now, i am no heating guru as I have read that most of you are(very impressed with this site)but i have gotten by so far.My system is very basic as I have a feed and return out of WB to buderus manifold.I have aquastat contol constant pump when temp rises above 140.Now ,i have attaced a photo of connection to GB manifold.The left line is WB feed and right is WB return.There is a normally open zone valve between these lines.The GB manifold has 2 return zones to the right and two feed zone valves to the left with a circ inline.When no call for heat,the WB line comes down then to the the right and back to WB.When there is a call for heat the GB opens the zone valve .turns on the circ,and the dividing zone valve closes causing water flow to redirect to the left,goes thru house then returns to stove.Everything works good,my main zone is my dump and the control on the WB is excellent for overheat control.My issue is that I would like to add storage,but not sure of how and where to add and how much.My stove runs at idle most days,meaning the air feed shuts when I reach 180.Also,my other issue is that I have to turn GB boiler temp down below 140 so as to not fire GB when WB is running.Now,I read a thread on interrupting zone valve end switch to GB to only use WB but not sure if GB circ is necessary as well.Basically my GB operates normal except for temp is set so low that it only pumps WB water.I can try and attach more photos of GB manifold if needed.any info would be appreciated.

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    Vipertec. Have you found any help on your storage situation? I have been cruising through some of the threads that I missed and came upon yours. I do not know an answer for you. Have not been doing the boiler thing long enough. It sounds like you would benefit greatly from storage. Let us know. Maybe someone else can chime in and offer some suggestions. Good luck.
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