EV developments

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I guess we will see Q2 numbers eventually. I don’t see this as a huge deal. The growth means the service/sales centers just don’t have space even for cars they are repairing. If the lots of full of mostly model 3s then yeah those are are going to be sitting for a while. You can always check the Tesla inline inventory. It might not be showing all available cars for purchase but in the past they used it to track supply. Last week it showed 51 model 3 and 23 Ys at my nearest SS.
Yes, Ford has a really big backlog too, GM not too much, at least not at our dealer. There was only one used Bolt there when I went in a few weeks ago.
Tesla apparently has battery life issues

Tesla apparently has battery life issues

I think that is cherry-picking data. And… here is the quote “Tesla Real Range is a proprietary Recurrent value based on energy usage data in actual Teslas on the road”.

Case in point. I have 7.5 year old 100 kWh pack. I’m sitting at 83% rated range. Now I can get 240 miles out of a 100%-0 drive if it’s not hot or cold and I keep it under 65 mph. Now if you take an average highway drive coupled with degradation I have about 68% capacity.

Batteries are wearing fine. EPA ratings are not how they are being driven. We know that.

Now if you want to take into account non driving losses(so total energy consumed by the vehicle) I could easily see those numbers. But it’s not battery degradation.