Exhaust Fan Question

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Jul 14, 2023
Charlton, Massachusetts
Hi, everyone.

I was working on my stove to remove the exhaust fan and clean it, and I forgot to unplug the stove before disconnecting it. When I disconnected the motor, I got a spark. Now, when I shut off the stove, the motor will continue to run unless I unplug the stove. Could this be the proof of fire low limit snap switch safety thermodisk? This switch sits on the bottom of the motor housing. Will a continuity test with my meter tell me if this switch is bad?

Thanks in advance for your time!!!
What make and model of stove?

It can’t hurt to disconnect one wire from the snap disc, and try plugging in the stove to see if the problem stops, and if it resumes when you reconnect the snap disc. Also yes you can test with a multimeter with the disc unplugged. The disc should not have continuity when the stove is cold. If it does it’s bad. On the stoves I’m familiar with anyway.

However I would think the snap disc would force the room blower on, not the exhaust blower. At least with the stoves I am familiar with.

Hopefully when you got a spark you didn’t short out something in the board, and now the blower is stuck on permanently.
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More than likely you shorted out a Triac on the board and it failed in a closed position and will need to be replaced