Exhaust sensing probe failure on BRAND NEW pellet stove Harmon XXV

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New Member
Feb 10, 2024
Camp JuJu
Harmon XXV was just installed yesterday. I ran it for about 8 hours. I shut it down with the power off button. About 20 minutes later, the exhaust sensing probe failure message came on the screen, and the stove never completely shut off. It just keeps saying shutting down. It ran all night. I have tried disconnecting the power cord for 30 min. When I plug it back in, the same message appears. I also turned the power button back to the on position and it will not work because the exhaust sensing probe failure message comes back on. The company is closed on weekends and we need heat!

Did anyone have this issue? If so, what do I do next?

Thanks for your help!
Check the connection on the board for the ESP
If the above suggestion doesn't work, I'd call the company to fix it since it is a brand new stove and install.

I'm sure you are disappointed and frustrated as this shouldn't happen right off the bat.