Fair Price for Harman Accentra-2

Mrr211 Posted By Mrr211, Jun 18, 2018 at 9:40 PM

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    Aug 24, 2013
    Hi All,
    Hope you all are well. I was hoping to get some opinions on pricing a Harman Accentra-2 for sale.
    The unit is in good working order as I used it lightly over the winter. I bought this home last Summer and the previous owner left me the stove as part of the deal. I have my Quad Classic Bay1200 that is only 5 years old and it stayed in storage this winter so I do not need the Harman. The previous owners said it was purchased in 2016. The unit gaskets are fine and it heated the house great when I used it this year. The only thing missing that I saw was the temp probe. Basically I had to manually turn the unit on/off or let the pellets run out. I have the owners manual and original paperwork from the harman dealer (bought in Jan 2016) .
    I priced this locally by comparing Ebay and craigslist here in MA/RI/NH and it looks like they are going anywhere between $1200-$2400 depending on condition and refurbishments
    I was thinking of listing it at $1500-$1750 , do you think this is too low or high?
    I just purchased an expensive item for the house and could use his to help foot some of the bill.

    Thank you all for any help.
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