Fiamma Llc. announces the Caminetti Montegrappa LIGHT06 EPA Phase 2 Wood Burning Fireplace.

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    Feb 6, 2006
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    New Milford , CT – Fiamma LLC, announced today that the Caminetti Montegrappa LIGHT06
    Wood burning catalytic fireplace is ready for sale in North America.

    The wood-burning fireplace is one of the cleanest burning EPA Phase 2 fireplaces currently on the market. This prefabricated unit has true refractory stone inside.

    Excellent combustion is ensured by the presence of the"flame distributor-catalyser", made ofKERAMFIRE®, which permits the user to obtain a higher temperatures inside the fireplace, optimizing combustion, guaranteeing improved thermal yield and considerable energy savings.
    It has an emissions level of only 0.86 Grams/KG

    About Caminetti Montegrappa LIGHT06

    The LIGHT06 also has a guillotine ceramic glass door, with counter weights allowing it to glide up and down, it has a very large linear viewing area measuring 41”W x 19” H. Some of the options are a motorized system with remote control to open and close the door.
    An optional blower system can redirect heat into other areas of the home.
    More Information is available on the site

    About Fiamma LLC
    Fiamma LLC is an importer and manufacturer of fireplaces and stoves.
    The import lines include: Caminetti Montegrappa, Nestor Martin, RayGlass, Max Blank, and TraforArt.

    Contact Information

    To learn more about Fiamma LLC. or product lines, please contact

    Fiamma LLC
    458 Danbury Rd. Bldg A-14
    New Milford CT 06776
    Office: (203) 266-7717

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