Fisher Stove Questions

Mike M.

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Mar 18, 2012
Green Bay, WI
Hi Everyone,

I haven't been around for a while but this site has gave me great advice in the past. Over the years I have burned a number of stoves including PE, Napoleon, Englander, sometimes multiple models of each. I have learned about dry fuel and getting the most out of EPA non cat stoves. Recently a took the challenge of running and installing an old Fisher. I think it is a Goldilocks model...double door, pedestal (with air intake), firebox is about 16in wide brick to brink and about 14in deep. This stove will be installed in an out building workshop (no gas fumes). Questions are the following:

I purchased a flat door/window gasket to apply to the doors. Should I put the gasket on the center door seam overlap or just around the outside of the doors?

What stove pipe adaptor for single wall would fit in the stove collar? I really don't want to try and jam a regular piece in there and have a gap. Want a better solution. The inside stove connector is about 5 and 7/8 in.

How to embers not fall out the bottom of the stove? Seems strange that an ember could have a direct path to the bottom of the stove base with this design. Not a huge deal as this will be installed on concrete but I found it strange.

Thanks much!



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Dec 9, 2020
Frenchburg, KY
Fishers aren't supposed to need door gaskets. However; my copy has gaskets around each door opening. I don't know if they are needed or not.


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Jan 19, 2021
NE Oregon
5/8 FLAT gasket material goes in the channel on the stove's face. There is a corresponding ridge on the inside of the door(s) which seats into that. That makes the stove airtight and directs the combustion air from the vents to the base of the fire . My Grandma Bear works much better with the gasket installed.