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CamFan Posted By CamFan, Oct 1, 2011 at 2:02 AM

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    I have been watching the forum and it seems wood length acceptance is what determins what the stove is. I am going to list the top widths and stove body lengths to help clear this up.

    Style width depth
    Baby 15 1/2" 21 1/4 Single door with one draft cap 6" vent
    Mama 18" 27" Single door with 2 draft caps same door was used on the Papa 6"
    Papa 20" 32" 6" vent
    GMa 25 1/2" 20 1/4 Double door with 2 draft caps Normally 8"
    Gpa 30" 22 1/4" Double door with 2 draft caps Normally 8"

    Nothing is mentioned much on the inserts like the Gma insert, Polar Bear, Honey bear, Series IV, or TF-88 or the free standing stoves like Honey Bear, Goldilocks, TF-88 frestanding. Gma III, Gma IV,
    Now if a factory wanted more overhang or less I have seen both but no more than a 1/2" generally more.

    I made two styles of home cook stoves after everything was stopped being made, a Great Grandma it was 25 1/2 wide and 32" deep, it would burn for 3 days if you did not open the doors. I also made a double door baby, It was the width of the Honey bear and the body was 19" tall like a baby. If you find one of these I made it. I will have a HM and SB on the bottom. Home Made by me
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    X L
    Width 33 1/2" across 5/16" top plate
    Depth 21 1/4" box only. 1/4" everywhere else

    I've found it's easier to have people count bricks (GM 5 across back, compared to GP using 6) or by the log length they accept. It's enough to figure out what they're selling or buying. I do get people asking shipping weight, screen size, and for owners manual pdf copies.

    Here's what my notes look like from years of collecting info from manuals, ads and stoves themselves; I'll use Goldi as the example

    Goldilocks Radiant Heater / Fireplace Stove
    UL / Mobile Home Listed, HUD Approved

    2 door; trademark Bear-O-Matic draft control
    intake through pedestal

    Measurements with 6 inch flue model;

    Box Width 21 1/2
    Overall Width top plate 23 1/2 5/16 thick
    Box Depth 19 1/4" thick plate
    Box Overall Depth with rear shield 20 1/2
    Overall Depth w shelf and rear shield 26 1/2
    Height Rear 33 /34
    Height Front 29
    Height overall w collar 36
    Weight 420 lbs.
    Wood length 16" rec. / act. 18" brick to brick
    Heats approx. 1250 S.F.
    Door Opening 17 w X 10 h
    Chrome rectangular GM screen 19 X 12
    Hinge plate c to c 12"
    Installation Kit intake and chimney made by Simpson Dura-Vent
    Larger model avail. with 8" flue (pg. 14)

    Introduced approx. Oct. 1978 (manual copyright) later manual 1980
    Size in manual given as; Ht. 36 , W-24, Depth 26
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    very good, I see what you are saying. Over the years every one says they have a single door gma. Alot of time it was nnot even a Fisher. So I guess keeping things simple is better. You have again really done your homework. I am impressed. :)
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    can you provide any further specifications on the polar bear insert? How can it be identified?

    below are some pictures. Does anyone recognize this insert? What is the model?


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