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    I was given a pellet stove which I am planning to put in my new addition. It was manufactured by N3 Distributing in Eugene, Oregon. I understand it is also called a "Fisher"(?). The model is the Zephyr 2100. I believe it was made in 1988 or 1989. The exhaust is only a 2" pipe, which I understand is quite unusual. It exhausts out the back quite low to the floor (within 6") Working with a stove retailer, can I safely install this stove in my home. I plan to put it in the first story of my two story addition, and vent it out the roof. This is approximately 25' of flue. The poorly written installation instructions advise against a run of over 10 feet, and don't state whether vertical exhaust application is allowed. Thank you for your help.


    Never heard of a pellet stove called a Fisher..Fisher was an old brand of woodstoves from many moons ago. Yes, a 2" stack is very unusual. It would be my opinion that a Pellet stove as old as this may not be worth your while. Early designs had a lot of problems, and unless you have parts and service availability, and a stove with a proven track record, then you might be in for headaches.

    Most Pellet stoves do have limitations on the venting...but again, one produced so early in the game (Pellet Stoves hit the market in 1987/88) might not have any documentation on this.
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