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New Member
Nov 3, 2022
Mancelona, Michigan
Good morning all

I purchased a Fisher XL yesterday. I want to know if there are issues running it down to 6” pipe?

My previous 2 stoves ( Huntsman’s) had no issues venting.

I’ve looked for a grandpa bear( step below the XL) for years with little to no luck or a day late. I stumbled across this top vent XL yesterday with a screen and the pine tree doors that I love. I personally don’t like the sun doors. I actually had no idea that this model came with the pine doors.

The dead give away in my opinion is the 10” vent and arched entry. This one has a smoke shelf. It’s in decent condition but it needs to be cleaned up.

Should I paint or use the black paste? This will be used in a barn.

This is way more stove than I need for my 1500 square foot barn. I could not pass this up. I may have overpaid but it was only $100 more than I wanted to spend on it

I wanted a fisher because of the heat output. My current Huntman with 6 air intakes never performed the same as my friends Grandpa bear

Thx for the info

04B86CE5-2242-4519-A4ED-4659026B90D0.jpeg AADF6BC6-2E4A-47C0-98A6-44304B79FFC6.jpeg 307E49DF-0748-4CF5-A7FE-4B4EBB477747.jpeg AACA7707-81A3-47B4-A8A3-7F1F7FDAEE8F.jpeg 83BFF614-48A2-45F9-899B-DBD386C98EDD.jpeg 31E8B0E6-2B4A-471D-9869-F2FF8C83F0A0.jpeg FA684F8F-24C6-4911-BF1F-562210C3C651.jpeg


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Jan 14, 2014
central pa
Absolutely not on 6". You might get away with 8" but that's still a really big reduction in volume


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Dec 22, 2007
Paint, not polish.
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