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barkeatr Posted By barkeatr, Feb 2, 2011 at 3:27 AM

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    Ever wonder if the power of forums like this and the internet could help change and fix things in the good ol USA?

    One idea is to

    Artificially double or triple the price of transportation fuel and decrease income tax the same amount. I Repeat, decrease income tax the same amount. So your taxing, but your also untaxing. Put some accountants on it to to figger our the ratios, formulas, make sure the retired dont get whacked. Do this and the mighty american engineering community, backyard mechanics, geeks and good ol fire burning quizmo makers heads would pop up...sniff a few times, full up thier lungs with that wonderfull thing called oportunity, and get down to $%#@ damn business. Time from inception to delivery of new energy system and fossile fuel systems left in the dark, two years fourteen days and six minutes, just-like- that. Democratic capitalism american ingenuity in action baby. Republican or democrat..who gives a rats ass. We Repdems (Demreps on alternate days) dont have time for endless chatter and bickering we just want to get down to eatin, bar B Q, skiing, gun totin and shootin, fire wood cutting, baby tossing, general pursuit of the happiness thing. You know, the good things in life.

    IF fuel cost were higher, all good things would fall into place, local products and small business would thrive, as they should. Local gunshops would thrive as well as seeing the rebirth of the american small farm and the strong indivudual minded and free thinking people the small farm produces. empty small downtowns would have rebirth. Energy efficiency would simply need for discussion and hiring tons of lawyers to draft up some stupid MPG Law.

    There has got to be problems with this idea...the only one i can think of is the the beating american products would take on the world market ( of course many countries already have high fuel costs and they seem to compete) so if you taxed transportation fuel instead of manufacturing gas, this would help quite a bit.

    anyway, big storm tonight!


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