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jpl1nh Posted By jpl1nh, Jul 10, 2007 at 1:45 AM

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  1. jpl1nh

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    Jan 25, 2007
    Newfields NH
    Wow!, just stepped outside to rescue my bluefish from the grill. We have had thunderstorms hitting us and skirting us all day. Tonight the sky is constantly lit, I mean flashes every two seconds. Fireflies are everywhere too, and between the two it is a magical sight to behold. I am a weather buff extrordinaire, 30 years of weather records etc, and I don't ever think I have seen such consistent lightning. Imagine if we could harness even a part of the power at work (the lightning, not the fireflies %-P) My brother in law explained to me that lightning is DC and since we operate in AC, it won't work but still.. I guess anytime you get DC involved you just get stalemate.
  2. keyman512us

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    Feb 27, 2007
    North Worc. CTY MA
    "The (local)Weather" in New England has been 'interesting" since yesterday when a cold front moved in along the coast.

    Yesterday in Boston the temperature (thanks to the cold front) dropped like 18 or 20 degrees... in twenty minutes!

    Things 'got interesting' this afternoon here too. At 4PM a severe thunderstorm advisory was issued for southern hillsboro CNTY in NH/Northern WORC CNTY MA with fast moving winds and "nickel sized hail". At 5:30 PM I went to pick up mom from her doctors apt. over in Templeton (another 200+ feet in elevation) and the skies were "dark and ominous" over G-Vegas. Hadn't seen conditions like this since I left the 'front range of Colorado'...

    Had me worried for awhile, it brought back memories from my time out west luckily no damaging hail, but as you pointed out tonight the skies are alive and would easily make someone from TX,OK,KS or any other "mid western state" feel right at home.

    ...Some strange weather lately.

    On the subject of DC though...Scandanavian countries have been using DC high voltage transmission for years. There have even been some successfull tests using the technology right here, close to home...from James Bay (Hydro) here to the New England states...still not even close to harnessing lightning...but interesting technology all the same.

    They say we are in for more of the same tomorrow...As for tonight??? Nice night for a drive, and on that note:
    I'm off to grab a coffee...
    "I've got a train to catch (AYMO).."lol ;)
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