Francis Scott Key bridge struck by freighter and collapsed!

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Prayers out to the families of those on, and under that bridge! I can’t see this not affecting us nationwide. Baltimore is a huge port. The ship caught fire and sank also. Not sure if it was in the channel at the time.
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No doubt. This will make the Phily bridge fire and collapse effort look small. My guess is they can dredge out the channel pretty quickly to get traffic going in and out of the harbor but a bridge replacement is a several year effort. A lot of west coast traffic has shifted to the east coast after the backups out west a few years ago so that port was running at max capacity, even if they can move traffic in the channel, I expect moving the freight out of the area is going to be bound up for a long time. Had it been during the daytime I expect the death toll would have been substantially higher.
It's an awful situation. They fear that the construction workers on the bridge may have died.
Slight correction the boat did not catch fire and sink. It is still stuck there according to the live video feed on AP.