Froling/Windhager/Guntamatic + Solar - Any preferences?

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New Member
Oct 22, 2023
Hello All,

Does anyone have any opinions on these brands vs each other? I'm in France where Froling is a popular and well known brand, it's definitely marketed well compared to Windhager/Guntamatic.

We've been quoted for a Froling S4 Turbo (34kw) with 2000L tank and 6 solar panels. I've only spoken with the Guntamatic installer so far and he says Froling are 'very commercial', in the sense of the marketing I believe.

We've also had conflicting advice about the solar panel positions. They'll be solar water heating panels, the Guntamatic installer has said that on our barn's south facing roof, it'll be too hot (at the 40 degrees vs the ideal 60 degrees) and the anti-freeze will degrade quickly. We also have no pool to dump the excess heat into.

The Froling man hasn't mentioned any of this and thinks the roof will be fine. I should add these aren't pellet boilers as we have an abundance of wood around us.

Thanks for reading this far! What does everyone think?