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    I have recently started the vent-free gas logs in our new, two-story home. The logs are in an approved vent-free firebox in the downstairs living room, close to the stairs. They run on LP (propane) gas. When we bought the house, there was a pressure gauge attached to the copper gas line outside, which the inspector used to pressurize and test the system. I removed this fitting and attached a regulator I purchased from a local gas log dealer. My problem is with gas fumes from the logs when they are burning. It is especially strong upstairs, as the fumes rise. I have completely used one 20lb. propane tank (about 12 hours, total), and the fumes are still as strong as they were at the beginning. My question is, is there any way to adjust the regulator or something on the logs to eliminate the fumes? I have been opening windows upstairs for cross-ventilation to exhaust the fumes, but it doesn't help much. Any insight you can give on this would be appreciated.


    Small tanks should not be used with Vent-Free appliances. This may be the cause of your problem. Check your manual or with your deal about the proper size tank...At least a 100 lb tank is recommended.

    If you continue to have problems after that, call your dealer or the manufacturer of the logs.
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