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    I am in process of enclosing half of my garage for my workshop. I bought a ventless gas heater that is to hang on the wall. I have natural gas piped into the garage and have (including all the bends) about 45 linear feet of pipe to run. The source is about one foot off the ground. I have to pipe it up to the ceiling and back down the wall where the heater will be. I plan to use black pipe, keeping all the joints accessible. Can I run flexible piping at some point to the heater and do I have to come up to the heater from below (how much below?). Is there anything else I should be aware of?


    You do not have to come up from below the heater unless the connection is there. Otherwise, you can come in from the side...do not run the gas line directly above the heater because you don't want the gas supply piping getting too hot. You can usually install a shutoff valve near the unit, and then use a flex connector to make the final connection. Check the manual with the unit to see any specific needs for that heater. Also, gas unit installed in a garage have to be a minimum distance above the floor because of possible vapor ignition. I think the measurement is 18" in most places, but check your manual or with your installer or local official.
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