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QandA Posted By QandA, Jun 17, 2007 at 7:06 PM

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    We have had a Clayton Gas Stove for 4 years. (Fireplace Insert) It has never performed properly from day one. It will turn itself off by the thermostat but will not turn itself back on when the temperature gets low enough. The company has tried to fix it many times and it works for a few days and then doesn't. They claim the manufacturer has gone out of business. Any help as what the problem might be would be appreciate.


    To my knowledge, Clayton is now owned by US Stove Company in Pittsburg, Tenn.

    However, your problem sounds like one that I am having here in my office, and it may not be related to the stove at all. If you have a wall thermostat, this could be the culprit. Thermostats have a part called an "anticipator". This allows the thermostat to "anticipate" that more heat is on the way and not turn the appliance on until after a fixed amount of time. For instance, hot water radiators store heat for a long time, so you'd want the thermostat to wait awhile after they got warm before activating the boiler. You'd also want to thermostat to stop the boiler before the room was warm...since more heat is definitely on the way.

    Want to check your unit. Simply remove the thermostat and jump the wires. If the unit turns on when the wires are crossed and off when they are separated, then the problem is probably in the thermostat. Try another brand of thermostat - some fireplace stores sell models that are designed for stove.
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