gas stove on zc hearth, or log set?

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    I have been debating for years how to make my 30 year old ZC Majestic fireplace be a source of supplemental heat. The unit is fairly small with with an RO of 22.5 x32 with brick facing and a 2 inch thick cement/brick hearth. The chimney is triple wall metal. I wrote Majestic about my idea of having an insert. They responded by saying NO insert for this unit. Bummer! So I am toying with gas logs, Vs a free standing gas vent-less stove that will sit in front of the fireplace on the hearth. the hearth is raised up about a foot from the carpeted floor. Years ago, I had a small wood\coal stove sitting on that hearth which I had installed. It ran with no KNOWN problems. I took it out following the installation of our furnace. Now, in my senior years, I wouldn’t dare do that again for fear if I did have a fire, my insurance co. might not back me up!
    We are looking to have a unit we can heat with a few hours in the evening, and to have in case of power outages. We had the experience of heating with a Kerosene heater for a week following an ice storm. We have little hope of being able to deal with that situation again. Most of the time, we now heat our home with a pellet stove in the lower level of our raised ranch. Sitting in the fireplace is one of those electric units that has a false flame reflected off from some mirror glass. It also has a heater built in if we want. If I had a wall available for a through the wall units, I would do that, but there is no other wall space available unless I rip out the ZC fireplace. That seems just too much for us to take on. I am will to spend up to $2000. Any suggestions?
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