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colin morris Posted By colin morris, Jan 10, 2008 at 12:25 AM

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  1. colin morris

    colin morris
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    I somehow got my login info screwed up and had to re-register. So...........hello again

    I have done some research since 2005 on gasification as it relates to homeheating applications, and have a list of links that would be helpful to any readers that are interested in the technical side of gasification and there is also a link to Dan Holohan's site heatinghelp for a free pdf called "modern heating" it is a incredible read, again for the technical side of things and has some great engineering tables in the back as well.

    Colin (77-79 DOE gasifier project) (bio-max video and animation) ( Tom Reed's home page, Tom Reed has done a bunch of documented research since the early 70's) (this document describes more of his research) (from Dan Holohan's site "" )
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    Well heck, welcome to the Boiler Room again, Colin. Have things quieted down in NH over the past 24 hours?

    I think Dan Holohan is great. I'm a Wallie who mostly lurks, though I will on occasion embarrass myself with a post or two on The Wall. Love the installation photos.

    Thanks for the links. I've seen some of them. I'll give them a lookover and post any comments or questions.

    I've posted a link to this thread in our "Resources" sticky. Really neat stuff--thanks. Say, is the paper by Richard Hill describing what was to become the Jetstream? One of our members, slowzuki, has three of them running on his farm.
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