Gasifier Burn Chamber

Mtn Fire Posted By Mtn Fire, Jan 27, 2013 at 12:26 PM

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    Hello and thank you for excellent advice from earlier questions.

    We are building a gasifier with a about a 5.5 cubic foot firebox (roughly 30" by 20" by 16" tall) and need help sizing the gasifier burn chamber on the side of the firebox. We were thinking of using a 8" diameter by 14" long pipe lined with about 1" of refractory creating a net chamber of 6" by 14" chamber. We anticipate goal of about 125,000 btu output.

    Also opinion if 44' of 3" schedule 40 A53 steam pipe is suitable length as a heat exchanger. Is the goal 200F degree at tailpipe or 250F?

    Anyone out there using a squirrel cage fan on the exhaust pipe?



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