Getting Fisher Certified??

Mark_D Posted By Mark_D, Oct 10, 2012 at 8:10 PM

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    Oct 6, 2012
    Hi everyone, new to the forum here. Anyways few questions my wife and I are sick of our cold house we are selling our wood insert which was small and did not heat well at all. I have a line on a reasonably priced Fisher Papa Bear. I have been doing some reading on these and a fellow friend has one he swears on, sounds like they produce great heat and are extremely well built stoves which is what I want. The one I'm looking at is tagged on the back with csa approval and serial number has baffle already and what not. Which I'm thinking is exactly what I need to have it legal in our house. I know I need 36" clearance on the front and sides which I can make work. All the other fishers I have looked at have no tags on the back, so would basically only be good for hunting camps. Im really hoping this will work out, I'm planning on sandblasting and painting it asap if all is good. We live in Ontario, Canada

    Thanks, Mark.
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    Canada requires wood stoves to meet or exceed U.S. EPA emissions standards and the installation to be WETT certified so I don't see any way you could get a WETT certification on a new installation of a Fisher. They not only were never tested to EPA standards but no way/no how could pass them.

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