GFI55 questions

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New Member
Nov 12, 2023
Bangor, ME

I'm new to using a pellet stove for heat. This summer my family and I moved into a 2200 sqft home built in 1900, in Bangor ME.

I have an oil boiler with cast iron radiators and a GFI55 pellet stove for heat. The stove is on the first floor.

It is an older model, the person who I hired from a local stove shop said it wasn't well taken care of but it's a reliable stove. When I first tried using it, there were many unburnt pellets and the window was turning black. I cleaned it, made a mistake and removed the chimney liner and that's why I hired some help.

Now it's burning cleaner. The damper is stuck, won't move. The person I hired suggested this spring he pull it out and fix it because it's burning well enough now.

I had problems with pellets bridging in the hopper. Currently we turn it off at night so it doesn't run itself out of pellets. This morning I cleaned the hopper and was trying to set how it would run but someone decided to help and refill the hopper. So I'll try again tomorrow.

I'm trying to figure out how best to manage the heat. I have it at level 2. That gets the room it's in to about 72. If I go to level 3 it shoots up to almost 80.

Does increasing the air trim and feed trim produce slightly higher temp gains? I just moved the air trim to 5, pellet is at 3.

Or are those really just got tuning the fire to make it run as clean as possible and I just need to decide between level 2 and level 3?

Oh this is all manual. I'm open to suggestions on thermostats that work will with this stove.