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What gloves are you guys using for splitting specifically? I can't seem to find a pair that doesn't fall apart within a month.
I changed to leather gloves since all the other ones fall apart pretty quick.
Try leather ones that are not split grain as they are referred to up here.
So the smooth leather ones that don't look fuzzy
I been using Atlas brand of gloves for cutting, splitting or handling wood for years. I like them. I don't cut or split wood normally in the winter.
Welding Gloves. Don't fall apart and thick enough. I found about 6 pair for 2 bucks. They were like new. Gave them with Splitter when I switched to pellets.

Amazon has lots available.
Me neither. I like something that fits close to my hand. These go on sale for less than a dollar a pair all the time. Nitrile half dip gloves.

I find that anything rubber or nitrile makes my fingers colder when it freezes. As if it sucks the heat out of my fingers.
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I use the cheaper leather gloves from TSC, or Harbor Freight has something similar. But yeah I only get 4-6 weeks (if I’m lucky) out of a pair before I start wearing holes through the thumb and index finger of them. But they’re like $8-10 a pair….

I like the better dexterity of the mechanics style gloves. I get even less time out of those though.

If I can keep my gloves dry they seem to last longer. Once they get wet it’s all downhill. And a lot of times the rounds I’m splitting are damp.
I wear a Goates skin glove soft with good
grip but the best part is they wear like iron
What gloves are you guys using for splitting specifically? I can't seem to find a pair that doesn't fall apart within a month.
I just use regular cowhide gloves, and replace them as they wear out. I had Amazon scheduled to deliver a new pair 4x per year, which was more than I needed, I'd guess every 5th month would've been more appropriate, for my usage. I hate wearing gloves where my finger pokes thru a hole, just slowing me down to reset it, and they're too cheap to worry about dealing with old worn out pairs. Just toss them and slide on a new pair, as needed. There's always more cows!

Here's the ones I usually buy:

I typically don't wear any lol. But when I do it's the cheap rubber dipped ones
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I typically don't wear any lol. But when I do it's the cheap rubber dipped ones
lol... I go the opposite way. Nitrile gloves under the wet leather ones. I'm forever having trouble with cracked finger tips due to dry skin, so some hand lotion, nitrile gloves, and then leather are the best recipe. Keeps my hands pretty warm even when wet, and keeps the chapping and splitting finger tips at bay.
I like these for colder weather splitting.

For warm weather splitting I use these

Just try these. Once you're done splitting and have your fire going, you can reach in and grab the hot coals with no issues!! Some solid asbestos gloves.


Just to be clear, I'm kidding. If you have a pair of these around, don't use them.
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Thanks everyone. I'll try a leather pair and if that doesn't work out I'll go with the cheap dipped ones and treat them as disposables. For splitting, I like the padded palms and some finger protection but as someone else mentioned it's only a few sessions before my thumb and finger tips are poking through and getting all splintered up.
I've been using Rapicca welding gloves (Amazon ASIN B07DVX6RB6) since September. That's not a long time, but I wear them whenever I'm loading the stove and they seem to be holding up quite well.

You split wood with them?
At under $10/pair, I treat those leather gloves as disposable. I always keep an older pair or two around for real messy muddy/wet jobs, but I'm usually onto a new pair at least a few times per year. They're not exactly heirlooms.
I used to try all kinds of leather expensive gloves. But now I just use the cheap yellow cloth ones. Sure they wear out quick but cheap enough that I don't care. I use them for all steps in my firewood processing. At 20 bucks for a dozen pair they will outlast a 20 dollar pair. And if its snowy, and they get wet I pull out a dry pair and dry them out for the next day. Not fancy but it works!
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You split wood with them?
No. For splitting I use Majestic brand latex coated gloves or similar. Don't need thick, long, heat-protective gloves for splitting. There's an industrial supply shop not too far away that has them for around $10/pair. Use the same gloves for most general gardening work, and sometimes for light construction work.
Look like they are worth trying.
that basically what i look for except i try to find the ones that are not split leather i find they last twice as long
What gloves are you guys using for splitting specifically? I can't seem to find a pair that doesn't fall apart within a month.
MCR sidekick 16010
"Industry Applications:
Heavy duty and rugged requirements, such as cable construction, farming, foundry, jack hammer operations, iron and steel work, lumberjack and millwright operations, mining, pipe fitting, rebar, rope handling, and stamping"
We got these at work in bulk for handling iron and steel. At home I get a dozen at a time $7 / pair or so. A dozen lasted 5 yrs. I have a pair nearby it seems everywhere, truck, shop, barn, basement, doing wood. Once one wears through, grab another. They're warm in the winter yet cool for summer use. I get them a size larger than usual.
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