GreenFire GF55 Overfills

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Looking for help with a new to me (I purchased a used Greenfire GF55 pellet stove that was manufactured in 2008). I am an appliance repairman by trade and know all about motors, controls, limit switches, fans ect but this is my first pellet stove. This stove evidently sat unused for a few years (purchased from craigslist so who honestly knows), so I started by thoroughly cleaning the unit including removing the brick liner in the back and cleaned what looked like years of build up from the chambers behind the burn box. I also cleaned the exhaust duct and replaced the noisy inducer fan motor while I was in there. I installed a brand spankin' new exhaust that is still shiny. I am wondering if I have a faulty control board here as I am getting overfill of pellets into burn pot which fall out into the grill below and try to have their own little fires down there (not comforting at all). I have tried 2 brands of pellets (latest being Lignetics Green Supreme Premium) and both have produced this overflow condition. This model has an adjustable damper that I have played around with trying for different results. It seems that the damper is set correctly in its furthest pushed in position as we get fantastic heat and even flame with no blackening or soot build up on the glass/ interior. The flame will race if I pull the damper out (1/2" or so) which results in my vent getting hotter but obviously a much faster burn inside the box that doesn't seem to overflow as quickly ( I can run it for a few hours before the pellets build up to a point where I shut the stove off, let it burn down, dump and clean the burn pot and re-start the unit). It seems as though the pellet feed trim needs to be slowed down or the control is faulty and causing it to run away. On the highest heat setting it is dumping pellets at a rate of 1 second auger motor on, 1 second off and at heat setting 3 it is 3 seconds motor on, 3 off (seems excessive to me, but again never had a pellet stove). In my manual it says "push the pellet trim button and the heat indicator light will flash, then use the heat settings button to adjust between 1-5", however the heat indicator lights do not light when I push the pellet trim button, nothing happens. If I press the Fan button while its running it will flash the heat setting lights, shut off my blower fan and if I then press the pellet trim button the heat indicator lights will move but not 1-5, only top 2 lights adjust and bottom 2 stay solid, so I know the button for the pellet trim is working (not a dead button on the control), but this mode is adjusting the fan speed, not the pellet feed rate. It almost seems as if this unit is stuck in a test mode or something. I am looking for anyone who may know this model inside and out to maybe recognize this condition and prevent me from having to buy a $500+ control board unnecessarily. If I need a control so be it, just want the house to stay warm and not burn down!
Thank you!