Greenworks Commercial 82V 20" 3.4kW Chainsaw, Great Saw With One Large Flaw

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Feeling the Heat
Hearth Supporter
Sep 17, 2007
Got this a few months ago and thought I'd give a short review. Saw, charger, and battery is $600. Most important bit of information: The 4Ah battery it ships with is undersized for the saw! This doesn't allow the saw to run near it's actual potential and provides a disappointing user experience. When fully charged it cuts well with a high chain speed if you let it run and don't lean into it but as the voltage drops it starts cutting out more easily. It also doesn't last long, I've had it only do about 10 cuts in 16 inch hard maple, (chain was a bit dull to be fair but still). The charger is a fast charger so in theory it can charge up in about 15 minutes but the pack gets hot during use and if you put it on the charger it might run the fan for about 15 minutes before it even starts charging the pack. It really needs the optional 5Ah battery which has a $330 price tag if bought separately and there is no option to substitute it for the 4Ah when buying the package. It can also take an 8Ah battery for $450 which is probably the best choice for power and run time, plus it would add even more weight. For some reason they decided to include Bluetooth in the batteries, I guess so you can check the charge with your phone? Maybe they could leave that out and drop the price a few bucks instead? :rolleyes:

The saw itself is solidly constructed, better than most electrics I've seen, but it's also fairly heavy even with the undersized 4Ah pack. I'm living with it as is for now, hoping that battery prices eventually come down, or I may try to build my own custom pack.

This guy has some really good comparison videos with the saw, this one he uses all 3 batteries, 8Ah performs the best of course:

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Coincidentally my battery seems to have just failed :( It's stuck at 50% and won't charge, saw will run for a few seconds then stop. Working on a warranty replacement, it may have been defective from the beginning and under performing the whole time.
I got the Greenworks Commercial 82v string trimmer last month and sold my last 2 stroke tool, a Stihl commercial string trimmer. So far I really like it. I get 30 minutes trimming with the 2.5a pack. A week later I got a 5a battery off of eBay for a great price. It is new, but an off the shelf item. That gives me an hour of trim time which is plenty. Both of my batteries are the pre-BlueTooth variety As far as I am concerned that is a major gimick unless one had a bank of batteries charging remotely that one needs to check on. I don't need this and don't want to pay for it. Our mower supposedly also has a BlueTooth connection but I've never used it.

The trimmer is a handlebar style and a beast. It really chews through the weeds. Love the quiet operation.
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Got my new battery under warranty, hope it lasts longer than the first, or fails again before the warranty is up 😬 I tried to see if they would upgrade me to the 5ah battery, even offered to pay a bit extra, but they wouldn't do it. Couldn't deal with Greenworks directly, had to go through a service shop.