Hammer's vs. Lignetics

adamztoyz Posted By adamztoyz, Aug 20, 2010 at 6:57 PM

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  1. adamztoyz

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    This is my third year with a pellet stove insert. The first year I bought about 12 different pellet types and found that some hardwood pellets would jam in the auger. Then I cam across Lignetics with the green label and like them. Last year I bought 5 ton of them. This year I found one ton of Lignetics and then the TSC kind which I don't like but did find Hammer Hot Ones from the guy I bought from last year. My question is how are they? I found that the Lignetics broke up easily but did leave ash more than average, but I could deal with that. If you try to break the Hammer's will they break easily or do you have to put more force on them. It sounds dumb, but I don't want to deal with auger jams in the middle of winter like the first year with the harwoods I had from Agway. Any help would be great. I wished TSC had them as they are $204 a ton when they have them, but Hammers are $225 ton.
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    hammers are mostly smaller 'sticks'. You shouldn't have length issues with them.

    I burned a ton of lignetics 2 seasons ago and they were pretty good. the hammers throw way more heat. ash is about the same.
    225 is a good price. my dealer has 'em for 235 currently.
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