Hardy water temperature

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New Member
Feb 6, 2023
Hi All,
Need some thoughts and maybe some troubleshooting ideas. Little lengthy but want to provide appropriate context and things I've already tried.

The past several mornings, I've gotten up and noticed my water temp on my H3 is only around 120 degrees. I have it set on 170. On every occasion there has been plenty of wood still in the firebox when I go out in the morning. After a few seconds of opening the firebox door and the air going in, I have a raging fire. The wood in the firebox almost seems bridged or that it didn't burn in a uniform manner. I've had the stove loaded to the very top on an occasion and then also only loaded halfway with the same result.

I at first chalked it up to the much colder than normal temps that just came through the area but this morning it was in the 40's and still the same issue so I'm not thinking it's that now.

Clean out tube isn't blocked that I can see and no buildup of ashes. I cleaned all of that out before loading last night.

Wood may not be perfectly seasoned but I feel it's drier than prior years when I don't recall having this issue.

Aquastat seems to functioning as when the water does get up to temp I can turn the dial and the blower will kick on and off at the time I'd expect it to.

I was thinking blower. I can hear it running but is there anyway to know if it's pushing enough air out? Fins are spinning and I can feel air. Flap on blower is opening. Putting my fingers up the tube toward the blower feels clear.

I know I need new door rope as I can visibly see it needs changed and after closing the door there is smoke that will sometimes seep out. I don't think this would cause any of the aforementioned issues though.