Harman Absolute 43 Rattle-New Stove

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New Member
Aug 7, 2023
Manchester NJ
Any idea what causes a rattle/vibration at low feed rates? Fan is at 10% whisper mode, feed rate between 10-30%. Only seems to happen when things start to slow down.
Which fan?

I had buzz in my Harmon XXV when I got it in 2018. Screws were impacting the Distribution Fan. Went as far as ordering new fan under warranty and buying one myself. Of course I figured it out when pulled the fan.

Yes. My guy came over to fix. It was the convection blower. He took the back cover off and found the fan was rubbing against a piece of metal.
My guy put me on “his list” with no indication of when he will be coming. I want to take the cover off and try and do it myself but I have no idea where to start or what to look for. I wish there was more videos on YouTube about servicing .