Harman Accentra Flame height issue

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Feb 26, 2023
I have 2006 Accentra I have used since 2008. I am having issue with flame height and have changed lots of parts over time. Gaskets, motors etc.
I changed the ESP and just changed the circuit board for this issue. -NG (I changed board because the temp/fan switch was having issue also, so I figured it may be related.) I am pretty good with routine maintenance and keeping stove clean. I am thinking maybe I got a bad ESP seeing as in some older forums, I read that it controls all the temp in stove temp mode. Stove is medium fire when cranked all the way up in stove or room and doesn't keep up with 0 temps. I have never had an issue with this. It could be -10 and it is 75 in my house. The fire burns down deeper in burn pot than I remember and I think because of this the flame plate keeps pushing out. I have never had the over flow problem and turned all the way up it would burn 1 inch from front. Now it is not even close. Flame looks good and it only feeds for about 30 seconds when up all the way and seems consistent. ( I read it should feed for 45 sec) doing a thorough cleaning now, but I don't think it is gonna change the issue.
Any IDEAS???

PS: New auger and I had cleaned the feed tube and ports last year due to load of Crappy pellets I got from HD last year gummed everything up.
After Cleaning , is working correctly. It actually was dirtier than I thought.
However it has not run this good all season. I did a few things so I am not sure which fixed it.
There was a bit of fines in the feed box cover. (cleaned before) also I marked then flipped the feed box cover over in case it was upside down. I found that you can attach it incorrectly and it will not sit flat too. 15 years did not know you could do that, or that it was different if upside down. looks symmetrical. I also had some ash buildup in the square exit pipe which would have made the hole a little smaller and finally, I taped some scotchbrite to a screw driver and lightly cleaned up ESP which had some ash on it.
prior to this stove would only feed for 30 sec, after procedure stove feeds up to 55 sec. a minute.

Here is a link to the old forum I was looking at and a link to another where the person explains how the stove works with stove and room temp. Hopefully this will help someone out.



Happy Burning!!