Harman Accentra Ignitor question


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Feb 10, 2018
Have a 6 year old Accentra that was having intermittent lighting issues last year and would not fire up with the ignitor at all this year. The pellets would spill out of the burn pot. Stove and chimney have been thoroughly cleaned and stove works great when manually lit. Pulled the ignitor checked the resistance and measured 52 ohms. Seems conventional wisdom is that they either fail open or they work but I decided to replace it anyways. Put it in and it fired up after about 3 minutes. Great ! But decided to check some things while I had everything open and got some weird voltages on the ignitor and feeder circuits with the stove off but plugged in. On the yellow, light blue and black wire on the white connector I was getting 94 volts to ground and common. Checked the outlet ground and stove ground and both good. With the stove off there is no path to common because the pressure switch is open. When I turn the stove on to ignite, the voltage jumps to 122V, the pressure switch closes and everything seems to work ok. Have no idea about the circuit board but was wondering if anybody else has seen this ?


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Jan 15, 2013
I'm inclined to think it was just a weak igniter. I'd continue to run it for a few days and if no further problems develop call it good. There may be no need to go looking for further trouble and break something else in the process.


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May 5, 2017
Miller MO
Make sure your igniter isn’t getting hot when it’s supposed to be off. It should only run during startup.