[Harman Accentra] noisy distribution fan

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Dec 17, 2011
Lozere, France

With a little 'rrrring' from distribution fan since a few days, I pulled it off (3 wires, 2 bolts), removed dust (paintbrush and compressed-air) then slightly tightened the little bolts (torx) fixing fan cases on support.

No more 'rrrring' 8) But now fan's sometime squeaking X(

Impellers seems to be fixed on electric drive with a floating axle, extreme bearings mounted inside rubber supports. Squeak seems to come from drive, not from bearings.

Has anyone ever disassembled this sort of fan, here, please?


(stove is the one shown in my signature)

Édith says:

Sick & @home, I have time... Found this thread:

Fortunately I've got a good old 'English-French' dictionary :D

Will try to take pics... This 14 years old fan freely spins by hand. Are there ball- or plain- bearings at the ends?
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Hello. Self response :D With pics!

That's a well-designed mechanical part. First, unmount from stove, then unmount 'fan-drive-fan' assembly from mounting plate (8 bolts, screwdriver with Torx 20 end).

Impeller's case is just set on drive mount with 4 slots. First, bend the little piece of plate that's locking.

Then, turn slowly by hand...

Pull-off case with impeller. End bearing is just a nylon nut in a rubber.

Drive side is a conical crowned rubber, just plugged on smooth axle

Use a screwdriver with Torx 15 end to remove drive-mount. Motor axle with spacer, washer, synthetic washer. Be careful with grounding lug too...

Note that rotor is factory centered. Don't reverse the assembly. One end of the rotor has an imprint (AL here)

Drive-mount with bronze (?) plain bearing, stuck in a supple silent-block

Assembly is easy. Don't forget to re-lock cases on drive-mounts...

Cleaned and added just a drop of LHM (Citroën hight pressure-temp mineral hydraulic oil) here and there. Stove runs now, fan doesn't squeak anymore ;) Imagepipe_105.jpg
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