Harman advance 5 blink error with working stove

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New Member
Jan 4, 2024
Hello all,

I'm a bit stuck with a problem on my Harman Advance stove.

Since this year and randomly, the stove show a 5 blinks error on the control panel, even with pellet burning.

I already tried several things:

  • change the igniter by a brand new one
  • deep cleaning of the stove (fans/feeder... including the melting pot free from any carbon desposit)
  • sweeping
  • try to change the pellet feeding level

For information from the begining, the installer told me that I Have a lot of carbon residue inside the melting pot, but the stove never did the 5 blink error before this year.

The ESP probe is clean as well.

I'm thinking about the ESP probe not working properly, but sometimes it will work well for a day and next time it will run without error only for a few hours.

Did any of you get a similar problem ? Do you have suggestion on what could be the rootcause ?

Many thanks for your help.