Harman Advanced-2 Room Temp Sensor issue

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Dec 12, 2022
New hampshire
Hi All

New poster, new pellet stover.
This year I tried to combat oil prices by putting in a pellet stove in my basement.

Long story short I found a good deal on a Harman Advanced-2.
I did a full cleaning, new exhaust motor and fan, new temp probe and installed the air bypass kit, it runs well now no complaints.
My final "fix" was to purchase a room sensing probe as mine did not come with one, I have always ran it on stove temp mode for the time being.
I recently purchased 2 separate room sensor probes, I returned the first as it did not work.
Both times when I plugged in the sensor and put the stove to room temp I got the room sensor blinking error.
I tried swapping black and red leads incase I messed that up, same error.
The part I purchased is Harman Room Sensing Probe 3-20-00906.

Reaching out for help hopefully I missed something obvious or got the wrong part?
From everything I found its the correct part number.

Hopefully its nothing wrong with my control board.
I have not looked to see if there is any connection from the room senor input into the control board, will have time this weekend. But then again not sure why anything would be removed.

Appreciate any help/advice

thank you
Check the wiring from that sensor connector over to the back of the control board, probably unplugged.
Thanks Mt Bob

I had a few minutes and I pulled off the side panel to access the control board.
So who ever owned this previously just left the leads and wire in the room sensor male connector port and terminated the wire with two wire nuts...
Harman Advanced-2 Room Temp Sensor issue
Harman Advanced-2 Room Temp Sensor issue

I need to determine which port on the control board to plug into.
I found the replacement parts list from their website, but not sure if the part I need is listed.
Harman Advanced-2 Room Temp Sensor issue

I did watch the following video and it looks like I might just need the two female leads and I should be able to reconnect to the control board.
I did not look if they were on the board unfortunately.

Harman Advanced-2 Room Temp Sensor issue

I think I am on the right track
I just would need those female connectors?

Yes just crimp on new connectors and see if it works.

Do you happen to know what size connectors?
the red female spade connectors. You can get them and a cheap set on crimpers at any hardware store. You may have to strip them back a little long and fold the wires over and twist them to fit good before crimping. The wire size is pretty small on the room sensing probe
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