Harman P35i 3 Blink Status

Jayhawk Posted By Jayhawk, May 2, 2018 at 11:36 AM

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  1. Jayhawk

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    May 2, 2018
    Elizabeth Colorado
    Good Morning,
    I have a brand new, dealer installed p35i.....it replaced a 20 year old pellet burner. Anyway it was new about 3 months ago, used it for the the last two months of winter and everything was grand. I have put about 1/2 a ton of pellets through it. I am eating breakfast the morning and the distribution blower comes on all by itself on high, the stove is in the OFF position as we have been warm for a couple of weeks. I think it has been at least 2 full weeks since the stove was even on. I sat in amazement as the stove ran in this condition for 30 minutes straight.....combustion blower on high, feed pot filling, and never an igniter light and status is 3 blinks. I have unplugged the stove and put a call into my dealer for a warranty service call but it truly has me puzzled. Hoping someone with more Harman knowledge than myself my chime in. I have never seen a stove come on when in the off position all by itself.
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    Three blinks signals an ESP failure. It requires a manual reset by turning off the applicable circuit breaker or unplugging the unit from the power source
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