Harman P43 or P61? Off Grid Power Consumption and Run Times?

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Minister of Fire
Oct 31, 2014
South Central NH
LOL people ride around in "bombs" every day, and let them run, unattended, in cold weather, all the time.
Helping out here, and having to look up stove manuals, there are some, usually,if not all, cheaper stoves, that says right in the manual, "DO not run stove unattended". I would never own such a device!
Well I guess that puts a whole new perspective on things. I didn't realize that some stove say that. So yeah, a better quality stove is a must if you are planning on leaving it. Also, make sure that you aren't fudging the clearance factors to flammables.
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Feeling the Heat
Mar 11, 2019
Well, the P68, running wide open, will eat slightly less than 5 bags in 24 hours,I do believe.
I trust my stoves to run when I am not home, implicitly. That is why I have quality stoves.
Don't think I could trust a $300 stove.
My point was they could easily run out of pellets in the hopper and come back to a house that's frozen.
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