Harman P61-A 3 blink code and won't turn off

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Mar 27, 2010
Southeastern PA

I purchased a used P61 over Christmas and installed it. The first time I shut it down to clean it I noticed the combustion fan would never turn off. I decided to order a new board from pellethead and a generic ESP probe from Home Essentials Direct.

I installed them a month ago and everything has been fine. The switches are set to the new red ESP probe.

Today I noticed it was getting cold and realized the fire was barely burning so I turned the stove off. But it never turned off, it just kept a tiny fire going in the burn pot while the distribution blower ran at full speed. I eventually unplugged it from the wall and did a quick hot cleaning.

Removed and cleaned ESP, barely anything on it since it's a month old
Cleaned fine box
opened door beneath igniter and vacuumed it.
Opened exhaust port next to the fan and vacuumed it.

As soon as I plugged it back in both blowers came on full speed and it started blinking again before I even moved it from the off position to stove temp.

I do have the old board and ESP here so I can swap them in to troubleshoot tomorrow, but is there anything else I'm missing?




Minister of Fire
Nov 5, 2011
Kananaskis,Alberta, Canada
Try the old esp and make sure the dip switches are set to that esp…my guess is the esp is bad


Minister of Fire
Nov 1, 2011
Buy OEM parts. Dont mess with the knock off junk. You bought a Harman for the quality.