Harman P61 Install

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Sep 2, 2021
Hello. I am new to this page, but have read thru your posts a lot over the years. I previously owned a St. Croix at old house and used this thread a lot.

Down to business. I recently purchased a 2 year old Harman P61. I have a hearth but need the venting. This is a corner install with one outside wall to a covered porch, and the other wall being the wall to the attached garage. Initially as I was thinking this purchase out a year ago, my plan was to run the vent thru exterior wall. Once the rubber has hit the road, I see that option isn’t going to be good, as it would require the vent to be a snake of 90s and 45s to clear the covered deck roof.

So now plan B. I want to run a 45 off stove thru thimble to attached garage. There it will hit the “T” for the vertical up and out. I want to go vertical with this install, as my St Croix was horizontal, and power outages weren’t fun.

With all that said, I have a few questions for the experts.

1. I know I’ll need 4” due to EVL calculations. So, should I start right at stove with 4” or could I do 3” for horizontal to 4” T (with increased fitting) and onward?

2. I was looking at taking a mortgage out for Excel ICC pipe as I've read good things, but was just offered up Bio Vent as an alternative. Thoughts on Bio Vent?

3. Finally, I am an over thinker and like to be safe, should I cap the vent end or, as I was told by a dealer, would that crest too much back pressure?

I look forward to the answers, and appreciate you taking the time!
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