Harmon P61A burning out of control

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Nov 26, 2009
Just Outside the Blue Line
Been awhile since I posted here. How y’all doing?

Anyway, my Harmon P61A was acting wonky, with the combustion fan turning on and off and running a 3-blink error code. I shut the stove down and cleaned it out, pulled the ESP exhaust temp probe and cleaned it off and reinstalled it.

Now the combustion fan is running fine but the stove won’t regulate. No matter which mode setting I use or how low I turn down the temp it just keeps blasting away. Totally confused where to go at this point.
Might wanna replace that ESP.
Yeah, I called my local dealer and he said that that would be the place to start. $120 for a thermocouple probe. Yikes!

He also said that it could be the control panel board… another $300. Hope it’s just the probe.
Or get an aftermarket one for 20 bucks on sale.
Harmon P61A burning out of control