Harmon XXV power switch failure

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New Member
Mar 26, 2024
We have a Hamon XXV 2012 model. The stove has worked very well over the years, with a few routine maintenance issues. Blower motor replaced, and one control board replaced. The stove sees a lot of use from fall to spring. Actually, we have three pellet stoves in our home, and this is the one with the most use. In the last few weeks, after the stove has been shut off for several hours, it will start all by itself. Yesterday about noon it was switched off and all was normal, we went to bed around 11pm and the stove was not on. This morning when I got up at 5 am I found the stove running, even though the switch was in the off position. I am thinking the switch arm in the potentiometer on/off/ room temp/ stove temp has become deformed somehow. It does not appear the switch is replaceable as it is part of the control board of the stove. Has anyone experienced this issue, if so, is the fix a replacement of the board?