Hartman P61 feed system


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Dec 15, 2019
New Hampshire
Hi everyone

I have a 1998 Hartman P 6 1, a friend gave me this pellet stove this weekend. I am pleased to see the condition it is in. It is clean to say the least. I am hoping to put in service shortly but have a question. Did Hartman make more than. One type of feed system? I bought my son a Hartman P61 last year, when looking in the pellet stove hopper I can see the Auger feed screw. In my p61 I just received I see a flat plate that slides side to side dropping pellets down to Auger.

I am also considering upgrading my pellet stove with the new auto ignition set up for 800.00. Can anyone offer suggestions as to weather its worth doing that? We use pellet stove 24-7.


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The answer is no. All Harmans use the slide plate to prevent
the ignition of the pellets in the hopper & stop smoke from
blowing back thru the auger tube & into the hopper
Your son's may have had the slide plate in open position.
Can't talk to the upgrade, but if you burn it 24/7, then you don't need it,
as long as you have pellets in the hopper. If it doesn't go out, no need to re-light it.