Heat N Glo Wireless thermostat acting up

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New Member
Dec 28, 2021
We have a Heat n Glo gas fireplace, with the wireless thermostat. It would be around 1997 or so when it was installed. We use this to heat the basement, so it is ideal to just set the wireless transmitter to our desired temperature, and let it cut in and out as required. Just this week, the remote has been acting up. You can see a red light on the remote when it is sending a signal (on/off) to the control, and it started to send an on, then within a second or so, send an off signal. I can see on the receiver that it is getting the signals, and eventually after several of these signals, it will turn on, and cycle like normal.

After a day of googling, I cannot find even an image of what this one looks like, and all the ones available are digital, while this one has a rotary temp control.

Looking for some advice as to what might be the best course of action... is it some dirt I can blow out, or can I just get a newer style of controller, which one would ya'll suggest?

thank you!

Heat N Glo Wireless thermostat acting up
Wow. That's a dinosaur. I highly doubt you'll be able to repair that remote,
& I'm not even sure the newer ones will work with a DSI unit.
I started in this field in 2000 & DSI units were either being upgraded to
Standing Pilot Units or replaced completely.
Maybe you'll get lucky, tho...
Yeah, it’s an old one for sure. I’ll have to read up more on the terms, but this attached image is what the name plate says. It does have a constant pilot light, and maybe I used the wrong term DSI, as it is the second listing under the model number.

Heat N Glo Wireless thermostat acting up
Tracing by the wiring, it seems like the wireless thermostat sends the “on” or “off”signal to the receiver, then the receiver sends power to the control and the fireplace reacts to that input.

I’m assuming the newer controls are different? Still learning, thanks,
You should be able to use any milliVolt remote with this item. It is NOT a DSI unit.
Skytech is a popular remote mV t-stat.