Help!! Quadrafire 1200

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Dec 19, 2023
I have a Quadrafire 1200, put about 50lbs through it so far this season. Last week I noticed the fan stopped working, within 5 minutes of that the stove shut down. I’ve jumped sd 3 I’ve checked everything, replaced control board and still get nothing from it. No blue light no exhaust fan no call light. I’m stuck really not sure what to try next but it’s cold and I need the stove up and running. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
Can you try to power the fan directly to make sure it's working?

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I guess I could but the entire stove itself isn’t powering up. I took a volt ohm meter to sd 3 and reads 103volts at the wires but nothings coming on
I was told to take a car fuse and hook up the purple wires to it and should turn fan on but that didn’t work either
No blue light no exhaust fan no call light
Is control board getting power at all, there is a fuse between power cord connection and snap disc #3

Help!! Quadrafire 1200

Can you try to power the fan directly to make sure it's working
Help!! Quadrafire 1200
sd 3 and reads 103volts at the wires
Did not see your other two post when I answered you. 103 volts is not enough voltage to run your stove. Test voltage coming out of your outlet. Try using another outlet. Is this 103v going into sd3 or out test both sides. If 103v at outlet could be bad surge protector if you are using one bad breaker or GFI breaker in breaker box or bad connection or other outlet in the line that goes to the outlet you are using. Could be bad electric supply cord to stove. Good voltage should be between 117 and 123 preferably 118 to 122.
When you test for voltage at the outlet, try testing from hot to neutral and hot to ground. You should get about the same reading on both tests. If the hot to ground test is higher than the hot to neutral, your neutral connection is bad somewhere. I don't think that is the issue as a bad neutral will usually test between 80 and 90 volts from hot to neutral.
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If 103v at outlet try unplugging everything on that line , including things that are not on something could be shorting and drawing to much power, ie refrigerator, toaster, tvs.