Help with Quadrafire Outfitter II Soot/Black Glass with Pictures

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Nov 19, 2022

I recently replaced an old Englander in my basement with a Quadrafire Outfitter II. I noticed after running the stove for the first few times with the trim set factory spec of "0" that my glass was sooting up black fairly quickly. This was with the stove on a high heat setting.

I compare it to a Quadrafire Cab 50 that I have upstairs that will have mostly gray/white ash after a few days.

I run the new Outfitter II for about 12 hours per night and it does a great job of keeping the entire home warm for the morning. Since taking delivery I have turned the trim down incrementally, currently at a "-3" per instructions in the manual to try and combat the sooting glass. I am burning Okanagan super premium pellets, as I have for years in my other stoves. I have included a few pictures of how the glass looks after three 12 hour run cycles. Was interested in opinions as to if this is normal or not? I understand that the Cab 50 and Outfitter II/Pel Pro are two different stoves but I noticed quickly how much more dirty the glass got on the new Outfitter II.

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IMG_7044.jpeg IMG_7045.jpeg
Not normal, and usually means lack of combustion air…
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The white stuff is normal, the black isn't. I noticed on my Quad Trekker i've had to turn down my trim to -2 and the glass is better now. I was getting black in the top left and right of my glass. The flame was too high also. Mostly it depends on pellets that you're using. I guess figure out how high the flame is suppose to be above the pot on that model and then just see where its at. You may have to turn the trim down all the way. Like I said the white hazy stuff is normal, its the black you're trying to do without. J Also, both our stove are the super efficient EPA stoves, so I'm not sure how that plays into it.
Thank you for your applies. I guess my next move is turning the trim all the way down to -4 and see how it behaves.
I also noticed on mine that the trim doesn't effect the start up sequence. Meaning, the same about of fuel and air happen at the beginning but once start up is done then the trim settings set in. I have mine set at -3 right now.
Thank you for your applies. I guess my next move is turning the trim all the way down to -4 and see how it behaves.
Today, I tried to turn mine down to -4. It seems the lower you go the less oxygen it gets. So at -4 I was getting more soot actually. 0 is too high because the flame height is too high. So I put it back to -3. Its just matter of finding a good balance. I'm sure with soft pellets you would need to be at 0 or even plus 2.