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bailenforcer Posted By bailenforcer, Oct 3, 2018 at 12:38 PM

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    I bought a small cabin 24 x 24 and it has 2 x 6 walls packed with NEW R-21 insulation, attic has NEW 24 inches of Cellulose. It sits on a slab (Modified garage package) All sill plates are bottom filled with closed cell foam for the bottom 6 inches to make sure insects never get in.

    I am thinking of adding another foot in the attic space.

    I have an Avalon 996 stove EPA rated but in near brand new condition.

    I will also have a Big E pellet stove as backup for this winter and will replace that with a Williams Propane 35,000 or 50,000 BTU gravity wall furnace next spring.

    My goal is to use wood as an only heat source when home which will be 99% of the time since I retired. Basically shopping for food once a month is my only desire to leave.

    I need to guess how many full or face cords I need for a winter, this place is sealed up pretty tight..

    Does anyone has any idea what to expect for wood use? with the Avalon 996 stove?
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    In order to estimate wood consumption, it would help to have a general location or state. Can you add this to your avatar?

    The Avalon is serious overkill for the space, but then so would almost any wood stove be in a well insulated 576 sq ft space. I suspect it will drive you out quickly with a full load of wood. And it will need a full load of wood for an overnight burn. The slab, if uninsulated will suck up a lot of heat to the ground so that may balance things out a little.
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