Heritage 24 flue collar

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Sep 13, 2023

Just looking for a little advice/direction

Haven’t had any luck trying to find a replacement kit or collar for this, the one that was with the stove has the bolts sheared off.

Any help on where to look or what I should do would be appreciated.


IMG_7308.jpeg IMG_7309.jpeg IMG_7310.jpeg IMG_7307.jpeg IMG_7295.jpeg IMG_7296.jpeg
Could the old ones be drilled out and replaced with new through bolts?
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That’s what I’d do. Go slow and use lots of cutting oil.

An alternative would be to grind it all smooth, mark out locations, and drill new holes
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Thanks for the advice guys! I have drilled the old one out, what type/material of bolt would you use to stand up to the heat?
Stainless will do. Put a bead of stove and furnace cement on the rim face before bolting it down.