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Burn-1 Posted By Burn-1, Feb 17, 2008 at 3:46 AM

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  1. Burn-1

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    Jul 13, 2006
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    video 1

    video 2

    video 3

    I found this after lurking around some of the German sites. This is an HV 49, (Herlt site), the boiler outputs listed appear to be in horsepower so an HV 49 is about a 125K BTU boiler and they spec 6000 liters of storage which is the amount in the videos.

    They are in German but the third video has some English narration about 1:20 in or so. It can take some pretty long wood and all that pressurized storage takes some big expansion tanks. Very GARN like in many respects.

    I know someone had asked the question in another thread but it does not appear that anyone is importing these units into North America at the moment. Rey at Advanced Biotechnology in Alberta was but is not longer.
  2. heaterman

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    Oct 16, 2007
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    I'm lusting. I've seen that video before and have been trying to forget about it for the last year. It hurts that I can't lay my hands on one of those...........

    That unit incorporates a lot of very good features into its design. The combustion chamber geometry avoids wood hang ups and provides a large surface area for wood and coals to "perk" at gasification temps. The advantages of draw through combustion air should be obvious due to the near total lack of smoke when the feed door was opened. I also like how the combustion air is drawn through the water jacket before entering the burn chamber. This pre heats the air resulting in much quicker gasification, especially if the boiler were to be installed in an unheated building. Garn does this with their wood burner and it works well. The flue gas temps are running 350-400*F if my conversion is correct. This would be typical of a gasifier that's burning at optimum conditions. I couldn't tell but the circ on the back of the boiler appeared to be a Wilo Stratos which would probably be set up to maintain a minimum water temp in the boiler by varying its speed. That would eliminate the need for a bypass circ.

    Germans........ I love 'em because they build such great stuff. I hate 'em because we can't get those over here. Maybe I'll call them up Monday morning..........

    The 6,000 liters of storage equates to about 1,600 gallons which would allow for a complete burn of the whole load under normal conditions. They understand how to burn wood cleanly.
  3. brad068

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    Nov 20, 2007
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    Those Germans do build great stuff. I wish I knew how to post videos because I'm thinking of making one showing how I start a fire in my boiler. It would be the shortest "porno" on the web for guys like me. Lets see....I throw in cardboard, about half of an case of oil cardboard box. I set my timer to 3 hours, throw in about 10-15 pieces of wood, light the cardboard with a propane torch(about 10 seconds), and shut the door. Go load up my wheelbarrow again and come back look at my bottom temp gauge (should be @1000*) maybe open and close the door to check and walk away. All in all about 8 minutes. Thats it, I'm making a video!
  4. Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson
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    Hard to believe from looking at it the styling that those are the same folks who brought us the BMW and Mercedes.
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