hey Guys thanks for the awards.... Keep Hubby from have to listen

jeanw Posted By jeanw, Aug 2, 2018 at 4:29 PM

  1. jeanw

    Feeling the Heat 2.

    Sep 23, 2008
    LOL. You know how us women are>>> LOL
    dang bathtub been sitting there for prob 20 years. it prob a six foot. Un fort bought it years ago. takes up more room than I care to spare. but tired of buying MORE STUFF...
    so do w e put down the floor tile first. somebody somewhere said bathtub doesn't need tile underneath. It a real plywood floor,
    2by 1o underneath with 16 on center. already had GOBS of ceramic porcine glass tiles. cat Ford an interior decorator.Really wanted real Linoleum. floor. But hard to get In its tiles and can't find a "white" since it an oil product.
    We have the cork underneath the vinyl tiles at purgatory house looks pretty good. Hubby put in but the "white" that available at that floor store looks dirty white actually a gray. looks like it need bleaching. Unfortunately Hubby put hardwood in this kitchen and its a wreck cause Im constantly eating and cooking and walking around. Martha Stewart I am NoT. even thought I would like to downsize almost minimalist,underneath I really like organization.
    Sink I'm stuck in this hell whole Paradise to some. Gotta make the best of it. so GUYS and few GALS I assume , here I need advise PLEASE
    y'all good at stuff show me calls bathtub Im a shower person but I read about benefit of epsom alts and sod chloride soaks. I need such since I am so hyper. Be nice to have a sulfur spring outside down the hill. But whats down the hill is manmade reservoir with all the crap modern society thinks they need.
    Opinionated right????? Luv and peace to all
    oh unfortunately it doesn't have an in line Heater both it too soon back on the 90s. RAH
    Tag says "American Molds" while Texas. nothing is checked on the models tag. Tag says Fibeglass /acrylic.

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