Hotblast EPA Wood furnace

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Oct 2, 2006
Ashland OH
For those who are currently heating with a woodfurnace, I just visited rko today and checked out one of the new EPA Wood furnaces made by USSTOVE. They are a very nice looking unit, fully insulated to contain the heat within the heat jacket. They have a full firebrick lined firebox, with stainless secondary burn tubes with preheated air. Whats nice is whatever doesn't get burned up, on each side of the firebox there are 2 tubes that meet in the center and go out of the flue on the top. There is a hinged door that you open and you can clean out the 3 tubes in the top of the woodfurnace. They have an auto thermostat so that you can have constant heat. They have the label on the side 71.4% efficient. Good welds, a large glass door for viewing the fire, and a removable plate in the bottom of the firebox that you can scrape your ashes into, then remove them with an ash pan. The unit I looked at today was 1999.00 and also had a full 1200 or 1400 cfm blower with a filter box on it. They are rated at 140,000 btus, and will heat over 2500 square feet. The nice thing is you can get them without the blower, and they can be installed from either the left, or right side in series with your current heating system. I will probably be getting one next year. They are a very nice unit.
Sounds like a nice setup, laynes. But aren't woodburning furnaces still exempt from EPA regs? What standard are they complying with? Seventy one percent efficiency is a big step forward. It should easier to engineer in a furnace, I would think, than a boiler.
There are 3 that I know of that are EPA rated. The 1950 hotblast, The caddy and the mini caddy. It has 2 holes at the base of the firebox on the exterior that run through the fire and up into the back out of the top. I believe I counted 4 or 6 burntubes. Once the gasses have lit then they pass through a heat exchanger, where they then combine into the flue. Probably a 3 foot flame path. They seem to be well thought out. I can't wait to get one. The nice thing is the series installation. No baffles needed in the ducting. Go to its there.
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