How hot before overfiring?

frankie Posted By frankie, Dec 7, 2012 at 7:34 PM

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    There still is a pellet called Pinnacle. They are the world's second largest pellet producer and are based out of Brittish Columbia. They used to sell bagged pellets in the U.S. and Canada, but with the big money that Europe is shelling out, they said "to hell with it" because it was just not worth the hassle. Europeans are soooo hungry for B.C. product, that it is more profitable to ship em over the pond. Too bad, because they were great pellets, but they would have to sell close to $300/ton in the states for it to make sense for them to sell them here. Many people wish they could still get Pinnacles and wish they were available. Guess who is riding in the same boat as Pinnacle...? Okanagan! This is why, when people say, "don't buy Okies and then they will HAVE to drop their price" I just sit back and think...."You're gunna miss them!" Okanagan could sell two times what they make over in Europe.
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    Yep they were made in B.C. and they shipped them on 1.5 ton pallets. There was a seller next door to me that would get them via rail car. They were made out of pine and to tell you the truth they were almost worth the $300 per ton 6 years ago. We were getting these during the pellet shortage of 2006 because the next door neighbor still had contacts with Pinnacle.

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