How to clean split fireback vigilant?

Burner Posted By Burner, Nov 15, 2012 at 11:10 AM

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    Great site. I am new here and to the world of wood stoves. Already have the fever. I own two stoves a rebuilt Defiant (love it but gotta watch the temps and chimney often) and a just bought a used vigilant covered in surface rust but with a split fire back and damper that are perfectly true.

    A few questions I hope members can answer for me.

    1) The upper right corner on the top fireback has a screw. Can I just remove that or do I need to be careful about a bolt on the opposite side? Does this allow the fireback to just come off to expose the baffles?
    2) Does the bottom plate just slide up and again expose baffles?
    3) What is the best way to clean out the air intakes? Do I vacuum or blow out?
    4) The vigilant had a lot of surface rust which I sanded off but some still remains in depressions. What is the best way to remove the rust? A chemical or wire wheel?
    5) With the rust removed and some bare metal exposed to I need to prime the metal with anything before painting.
    6) What is the best paint?

    Sorry for all of the questions. I did a search before posting and I did find a lot of useful info but some of it was a bit ambiguous or incomplete or just didn't answer my questions specifically.


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    1) The bolt in the upper r corner of the fireback does indeed have a nut on the back. If you disconnect the pipe and flip up the damper, you can access it. This is the damper retainer, and retains the damper. It's necessary to remove this only if you wish to remove the damper and the fireback.
    2) Not sure what you mean.
    4)I like a wire wheel myself.
    5)Nope, a good stove paint like Rutland will go right on the bare iron.
    6)Rutland brand hands down.

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